Corporate changes

We will directly reflect the corporate changes to the Commercial Register, right after they occure in the company. Example of such changes might be transfer of shares, vote and recall of new executive director or an increase of the registered capital (example set hereunder). Simultaneously, we shall ensure that all the documents regarding such corporate change are properly executed, so we shall duly reflect the changes and file the relevant notarial deed with the Commercial Register. We are entitled to register such corporate changes right after the notarial deed had been executed.

Transfer of shares, appointment and recall of executive director to the Commercial Register – executed and filed with the Commercia directly​

We will provide you with the current extract from the Commercial Register, so you might see the relevant corporate changes right after they are registered in the Commercial Register.​

The condition is notarial deed, which contains the relevant changes.

We are able to provide you with comprehensive legal service including the preparation of relevant documents also in connection with acquisitions and other changes in the company's property structure, especially:

- transfer of the share ("purchase / sale" of the company)

- the purchase of the plant or individual assets of the company.

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