Heritage, Wills

Inheritance proceedings

A notary in the inheritance proceedings acts as a court commissioner (his conduct is therefore a court hearing). Notaries cannot be selected in this case.

The notary then arranges for real estate to be transcribed in the land register. Other assets, including bank accounts, are always handled by the heirs with the appropriate entities.

The length of the inheritance proceedings depends on the specific circumstances, usually the case is settled in the order of months. The biggest delays in proceedings occur when heirs cannot agree.

Last will and disposition of property upon death

Dispositions of property upon death are mainly last will and heritage contract. The notary immediately after signing of the last will  records the last will in the Central Register maintained by the Chamber of Notaries. In the event of death, her publications are automatically placed on the record of her acquirer, and it is not possible that the will / heritage contract will be forgotten or destroyed.


Power of Attorney – Inheritance proceedings

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